Abstract Submissions

The Call for Abstracts deadline for the ASV 2013 annual meeting was February 1, 2013.

Program and Abstract Book

The ASV 2013 Scientific Program and Abstract Book will be mailed to all current ASV members in good standing (2013 dues must be paid no later than May 1) more than one month before the meeting. ASV members who receive a mailed Scientific Program and Abstract Book should bring it with them to the meeting. Only very few additional copies will be available, at an additional cost. The Scientific Program and Abstract Book will be provided to all nonmembers and other on-site registered participants upon check-in at the ASV registration desk.

Online Publication of Abstracts

Abstracts will be available online from May 2013 through the close of the meeting for the convenience of participants in creating an advanced meeting itinerary.

Important Points

  • Information presented at the ASV annual meeting or contained in the Scientific Program and Abstract Book should NOT be cited as a publication. This material can be cited as a personal communication only after the consent of the senior author has been obtained.
  • After submission of an abstract, ASV cannot suppress or edit an abstract’s content for the purpose of protecting patent rights. Authors should take into consideration the dates for distribution of abstracts online and in the ASV Program and Abstract Book when submitting their abstracts.
  • Authors are only allowed to distribute or post on their own websites the title and authors of their abstract(s) once the Scientific Program and Abstracts Book has been provided to current ASV members and registered meeting participants. Authors will NOT be allowed to post or distribute the abstract itself until AFTER the work has been presented at the ASV meeting.
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